Technology in service of sustainable agriculture

Refarm vision

Refarm is been introduced to unify and exploit prevailing technologies making farming autonomous, self-sufficient and sustainable.
We introduce a software to handle self-guided farming through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and DSS (Decision Support System), integrating all relevant technologies and incorporating aspects of sustainability and resilience.

Future Technologies available today

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Technology for Farm Monitoring and Analysis

Refarm Decision Support System is a data based platform that offers know-how, visibility and control over the monitoring of a farm.

Risk Analysis Tool for future farming

RAT is a data based platform that offers knowledge, visibility and control over the risk monitoring of a project.

Smart holistic farming technology

Refarm is an initiative of people in love with earth, technology, and autonomy. The concept is to deliver autonomous sustainable farms of any size operated through emerging technologies such as EO (Earth Observation), IoT (Internet of Things), AI and BDA (Big Data Analytics) or manually.  Creation starts from the concept by advising on what type of cultivation would suit to the convergence of a particular field through searching tradition, of the related microhabitat and the analysed market needs. The endpoint is recycling and support of an Agricultural Sector towards minimization of Carbon Footprint. In between are the pillars of our services:

Design complementary plantations (intercropping) to optimize cultivating growing factors of coexistence

Creation of pipelines for delivering best quality of self-produced fertilisers with plants (composts) or animal farming (enriched manures)

Full autonomy on energy, water and communications services

Potential for complete automation from tilling to harvesting, packaging and recycling

Options for manual operations at any point through guided support on operational uncertainties

People behind Refarm

The capacity to create stems from our years’ experience from international projects in cutting edge technologies with the following team:


Emmanuel is a materials engineer with MPhil on advanced materials and a certified project manager (PMI). Since 1988 he has been working on and managing international projects dealing with cutting-edge technologies. He has wide experience in dissemination and exploitation of research results IPR issues, and marketing innovation. Since 2018 he is an expert in EBRD coordinating the team of International Advisors on Technology projects.


Dr. Avraam Mavridis (Scientific Consultant), Ph.D. in Engineering (GIS-Geographic Information Systems), Sch. Of Engineering, Civil Engineering Dpt, M.Sc. in Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry), Sch. Of Rural and Surveying Engineering Dpt, Integrated M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Agriculture, Sch. of Geotechnical Sciences, Plant Production. Studies applied in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece.


Prof. Mohamed Abul-Soud (Scientific Collaborator) has more than 30 years of extensive experience in Research and Development (R&D) specializing in vegetable production, protected cultivation, Soilless Culture, Greenhouse Technology, Vermicomposting, Vermiculture, and recently Smart Agriculture and its applications.


Beng mechanical Aeronautical and production engineering. Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working on big construction projects and the leisure industry. Strong professional skilled at cost control operations, profitability assurance, drawbacks recognition, report generation, Microsoft office, Customer satisfaction assurance.


B.Sc in computer engineering from the International Hellenic University, Central Macedonian department with a greater focus on software development and a strong expertise in web development frameworks such as Angular or Vue.js.


Eleftheria studies Architecture in the National Technical University of Athens. She is a graphics and design expert and experienced in Social Media marketing. She supports REFARM and its projects in SEO and media campaigns. She also handles real estate projects for the company.


Hektor concludes his studies as Production and Management Engineer at the Technical University of Chania in Crete. He is interested in Innovative Financial Mechanisms and is familiar with FINTECH and cryptocurrencies. He has experience in setting up and handling micro companies in the services industry and is handling the CRM platform of REFARM


STEP1 FREE OF CHARGE: We prepare a brief report on the ideal cultivations for your field and the potential for automation. This is carried remotely by examining traditional cultivations in the area, microclimate and location. If you don’t have a field, we can suggest appropriate grounds according to your budget, needs and wants. With the report we provide an estimate of cost depending on automation level you want and services you choose.
STEP 2 Full project plan with preliminary payment of 4000 Euros + travel expenses suggesting specific technologies, timeframe, exact cost and solutions for your location. If you opt for commercial production, we also carry due diligence for your market and area.
STEP 3 Agree on time frame and cost. Contract administration with 40% of advance payment on costs and solutions agreed on STEP 2 and start of work.


We are testing our new platform in our open laboratories