Technology in service of sustainable agriculture


Yield depends on microclimate. We propose cultivations depending on this, your needs and the market. We adapt the farm to your needs and incorporate added value with niche products keeping in mind historical cultivations). At first we give you a brief report suggesting what would be appropriate for your field and potential ways to produce and recycle. Depending on your choices we will fully automate all processes with the option to turn manually. We give emphasis on biopharming and we provide solution on micro farming and urban farming for specialised needs like restaurants with small gardens.


The main idea is to provide turn on Key solutions along the overall cultivation process. From the start of selecting appropriate cultivation for a particular field, up to consumption and beyond, towards recycling and potential exploitation of waste. If you farm commercially, we can automate selection and packaging ready for distribution and recycling. We can make everything automatically. One of our main competences is to follow up evolutions in emerging technologies (EO, AI, IoT, BDA). Without creating dependencies on any other external factor, we utilise the most recent and advanced technologies and incorconnect them through our AI platform. We can automate unique parts, several parts or everything that constitute the elements of your farming enterprise.


Utilizing experience, advanced technologies and infrastructures, we identify and implement ways to optimize production for personal or commercial use. We propose ways to optimize further any part of any process from cultivation, to yield, to logistics and to recycling. In an ideal situation you wouldn’t need to do anything. But because nature is unpredictable we cooperate with local farmers and agriculturists to prepare you through training and continuous support, so as to minimize your operating efforts, as much as possible. A TEST WILL GIVE AN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTIONS!

Support Services

“You ‘ll never walk alone”. We introduce a team for your project that will support you after we hand you over your farm. With an annual subscription we provide support from experienced farmers and agronomists on a 24/7 basis even at the most remote areas. This is done remotely on a first instance and if necessary, our advisors will come in person to guide you and propose personalised solutions to you, according to your needs! We collaborate with farmers and agronomists to support you locally, wherever local is for you. Whether you are an experienced farmer or have never touched the soil, we are there for you.


Depending on several factors, such as the type of cultivation, the number of labour (stable and extra according to the seasonal needs), the microclimatic characteristics and more, we design, operate and predict upcoming uncertainties and demands of the appropriate farm. Even small fields of less than 4.000 m2 deliver enough farming space to feed a family with organic vegetables, livestock and fruit. In case that you may have no clue, we can create an Auto and Robo Farm Model (ARFM) to do anything for you. On the far end we can provide our services for extensive types and combinations of cultivations.